First round of tickets purchased!

Well, now it feels official. We’ve purchased plane tickets for the first leg of our journey and it’s starting to feel like this trip will take off! We leave from Chicago on December 18th. We should arrive in Lusaka, Zambia almost two days later. We’ll purchase the tickets for Israel and then home later this year.

Let me take a moment and answer some of the questions we’re getting:

1. You guys have all kinds of allergies. How are you going to find the right foods on this trip?

Our family allergies are a challenge but manageable. Wheat is the most challenging allergy we struggle with; it’s a  problem for Isaac. Thankfully it’s not a staple of the diet in Samfya. In fact it’s not even grown in that area. Corn and Casava are the major starches. There is local mill that can grind corn for us and since they don’t grind wheat at all it’s totally safe for Isaac. We’ll bring some foods with us, of course, but between safe locally grown foods and what we bring we should be able to manage. In fact, I wonder if a different food supply will actually make some of these problems better. Pray for Isaac; his eczema is pretty bad right now and it’s a real concern for us on this trip. Israel is like the west so we should be able to find the products we need there without much difficulty.

2. If we want to give, how can we do that?

The easiest way would be to click this link and follow the directions CMML gives on their website. They have agreed to issue tax-deductible receipts for gifts given to this project. You can’t give electronically (we’re not official missionaries) so you’ll need to use the instructions for giving your gift by mail.

3. What’s going to happen to your house?

We intend to rent our house while we are gone. Pray that we can find suitable renters who will take care of it for us. We thought about selling it but decided we’d rather come back to a place we know than try to readjust to the US and try to buy a new home.


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