Three months to go! Here’s how you can pray.

December 17th will be here very quickly. As we prepare for departure we’d like to thank all who are supporting us financially and through prayer. We appreciate your support and welcome you on the team. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at As you pray for us here are some details to guide you.

1. We need to find someone to rent our home to while we are gone. Pray that God would bring someone to us or that our efforts to find someone would be successful.

2. Pray that we will adjust to this change well as a family. This is not just Steve’s project, it’s a family project and we would like to return stronger as a family than when we left.

3. Pray for Samfya Bible School. Big changes are afoot. I understand that they have a large incoming class this year (large is relative. We are talking less than 50 students). Pray that the teaching/training ministry of the school would be effective.

4. We need to find housing in Israel. It’s still early to sign leases for summer apartments, but we are looking now.

5. Praise the Lord with us! We are looking forward to a chance to serve Christians in another part of the world, and to bring back new skills and experience to Emmaus. He continues to provide for what we need.

Thank you for partnering with us.

Steve and Julie

PS. I found this article about a film project in Samfya, Zambia. It gives some background on the region and town.


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