Jesus had a wife?

So maybe you heard in the news that Jesus had a wife? Here is a great blog post from a very trustworthy source that can help you read between the headlines. The question we need to ask when ever a new, fantastic find appears in the news is this: What does the find actually prove? In this case, as the blogger points out, the find only proves that someone copied a manuscript that suggested that someone else believed Jesus had a wife. This little bit of “evidence” does not stand up against the much larger collection of evidence that suggests Jesus was not married.

Here’s the USA Today article.

The NYT ran it too.

See this video for a nice discussion. Pay careful attention to the comment at 2:00.


One thought on “Jesus had a wife?

  1. Nathan Wallace says:

    This is simply a rhetorical observation and nothing more, but if Jesus is the bridegroom could “my wife” just be a reference to his bride after the marriage feast? However, it seems more objective to not be concerned with this, and be satisfied with the evidence that says in his mortal life he remained unmarried. It also seems of impossible character that Jesus be married more than once.

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