SBS Graduation Report

Levy Kasoma, Principal of Samfya Bible School sent some pictures of the recent graduation ceremony.  Here they are along with his report.

SBS 2012 Graduation

The most recent crop of graduates. Pray for them.

Dear Partners,

Greetings from Samfya Bible School.

We write to make a brief report on the work of the Bible School.

On the 13th October, we graduated 8 students after undergoing a one year leadership and discipleship course.

The students were equipped with both theory and practical courses such as Bible interpretation and preaching. They were given a solid foundation in both New and Old Testament survey. They also went through a systematic teachings on basic Bible doctrines.

Please continue to pray with us in the following areas:

(i) More students next year.
(ii) Financial support for the staff and work.
(iii) Next year’s programs.

We plan to:

• Add additional year long course for those who would want to continue after their one-year training.
• Add a distance learning course for Church leaders who may not have time to do continuous study for one year.
•Youth Ministry course for young people.

We want to thank you all for your prayers, moral and financial support without which the work of Bible training would be difficult.

Levy Kasoma, Principal

The diploma

Note the glitter on his face! This is part of the celebration.



One thought on “SBS Graduation Report

  1. Julia Chavez says:

    That’s encouraging! Praying for you all!!

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