Your Old iPhone Can Still Make A Difference


Last month we received an iPhone (First Generation) from the US. We put two courses on it and lent it to Gershom.

What do you plan to do with that old iPhone or iPod Touch? If you have a good use for it, great. If you don’t, may I make a suggestion? For the last few years Emmaus Bible College, in partnership with Stewards Ministries, has been filming the courses we teach and putting them online. These complete, college level Bible courses are available for free and are downloaded around the world. You can access them by visiting Sadly in some parts of the world limited access to computers with internet connections means that many people who might benefit from these courses can not.


Gershom is a GLO Bible Institute graduate so he was delighted to have access to more teaching.

Here’s where your old iPhone or iPod Touch comes in. Although you might not intend to use that phone anymore, it is still a useful multimedia player. Your old device won’t work as a phone in many parts of the world, but it can still play EmmausOnline videos anywhere in the world. We’re piloting a program to collect old iPhones and iPod Touch players, load them up with EmmausOnline videos and distribute them, on loan, to qualified individuals in Zambia who can benefit from our sound Bible teaching.

For this pilot program we are looking for ten old iPhones or iPod Touch players which must be received by March 15th. Soon after that someone will hand deliver them to Zambia. If you are interested in donating your iPhone or iPod Touch here’s what you need to do.

1. Be reconciled to the fact that you will not get your “baby” back, but that it will go to a good cause.
2. Make sure you erase all the information on the phone and update it to the latest version of iOS.
3. Gather up the headphones, power cable, and charging plug.
4. Send an email to Steve at to let me know you’re sending a device.
5. Send the iPhone/iPod Touch, headphones, cable, and charger to:

Emmaus Bible College
EmmausOnline-iPhone Pilot
2570 Asbury Rd.
Dubuque, IA, 52001


My iPhone is to old to be updated to the latest version of iOS (6). Can you still use it? YES. Any model of the iPhone will work as long as it can play videos. It is not necessary to update the software to iOS 6. Just update it to the highest version the phone can handle.

Can I get a tax deductible receipt? No. Not for the pilot.

What about Android phones? For the time being we’ve standardized on iPhones but that may change in the future. Hang in there.

What if I’m missing headphones, or a charging cable, or the charging plug? For this pilot program we at least need the phone, charging cable and charging plug. If you can’t find the headphones don’t worry about it. Send your phone with the parts you have.

I love my old phone. Can I get it back when you’re done with it? Sorry we don’t have the resources to send these phones or devices back to you.


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