They’ve Got the Power!


Solar power will charge it up!

If you’re not using it, I have a plan for your old iPhone or iPod Touch. I want to use it to educate men and women about the Bible and biblical church leadership in Zambia. You might be hesitant, however, asking yourself, how will the Zambians power my baby (the phone you’re thinking about donating)? It’s a great question. The answer is solar power. It’s surprising to think that someone can live in a simple structure with a thatched roof and yet have electrical power but it’s true. The availability of cheap solar panels means that Zambians have access to electricity and the appliances it powers like lights, cell phones, radios, TVs, and more. Homes are not completely electrified, but a solar panel light can make a difference in a world that goes dark when the sun goes down. If you can power a light bulb, you can power an iPhone! If you can power an iPhone, you can watch or listen to lectures about biblical church leadership, or how to lead children to Christ, or christian apologetics.  All this to say, if they can get your phone, they can power your phone.


One thought on “They’ve Got the Power!

  1. Sarah Poling says:

    I have seen this in the phillipines as well! Amazing how technology reaches all!

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