Where did you go?!

We have not disappeared. We are well. Please for give my lack of posts. We have been on the move and often times without a robust internet connection. I’ll bring you up to date quickly.

Our time in Zambia came to an end on Saturday. We had a wonderful time. If you prayed for us during this portion of the trip, God heard you. There were no major injuries. No one was bitten by a snake or any other reptile. We got along very well with our Zambian partners and our family.  The kids had a good time and were sad to go. Isaac’s allergies were not a problem at all. In fact, his skin issues improved! Our travels through Zambia were safe and uneventful. We spent the last two weeks traveling about the country to Julie’s ancestral homeland (Sakaji School, North-western province). We also paid a visit to Victoria Falls, and Chobe National Park (Botswana). If you search for these places on a map you’ll see we covered some ground. Thank you for your prayers.

We left Zambia and arrived in London on Saturday. We planned a three day layover so that we could spend some time with Julie’s very good friend, Bethie Grove. We descended on her tiny, North London flat like a Mongol horde! One of the highlights of our time in London was a visit to Speakers’ Corner. This corner of Hyde Park allows free, open-air discussion on any topic. Many Christians use the place to proclaim the gospel and to answer questions or debate with skeptics and critics. Most of the critics are Muslims, some of whom are genuinely questioning their faith. Boy some of these men and women are quite sharp and certainly aggressive. The Christians here train to answer their questions and to point out problems with Islam. I intended to just lean against a fence and watch what the action. That didn’t happen. We stayed for almost three hours and witnessed to an orthodox Jew, a moderate Muslim Palestinian, a radical skeptic, and a radical Pakistani Muslim. It was exhilarating.

Today we leave for Israel. Again, we can tell you were praying. The Lord has provided housing for us! You know we were struggling to find a place that fit within our budget. Through a friend we found a three bedroom apt outside of Jerusalem. The location is probably better for our family and the terms are perfect! Thank you for praying. Please keep it up. If you’ve been watching the news you know what I mean. I can tell you that we won’t be spending much time in the Golan Heights, unless we need to.

Thank again for standing with us. Keep watching this space. Once we settle down in Israel I intend to resume regular posting!DSCN3300 DSCN3313 DSCN3346 DSCN3341 DSCN3342 DSCN3345 DSCN3485 DSCN3488

20130505_162751 20130506_102712_14


2 thoughts on “Where did you go?!

  1. Robbie says:

    Glad to get these posts and good to know all is well. Thinking of you all.
    Love Robbie

  2. Aunt Natalie, Uncle Dwayne and kids says:

    Wer’e thinking about you and praying for you all! Have fun with mom and dad! Wer’e looking forward to seeing pics from Israel and reading about your time there.
    Love Nat and family

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