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7 thoughts on “Nathan’s Blog

  1. Auntie Kathy says:

    Hi, Nathan! Are you on the plane? Are you excited? Hi Rosie and Elise and Isaac. I can’t wait to see you at camp again. Love, Tessa

  2. Josiah Riley says:

    glad you arrived safe nathan,did ya have a good trip. say hi to everybody for my family.

  3. Jeff Riley says:

    hey man, don’t you know your supposed to “post” when you have a blog! Tell us about the prawn flavored chips!

  4. Jack says:

    Hi Nathan I love you so much-Jack

  5. Auntie Kathy says:

    Hi Nathan sounds like you are having a great time and are doing a lot of work for the Lord. We love reading your blog – it’s great to read your side of the adventures! Love you, Grandma Sanchez

  6. Granny & Poppa says:

    Good post Nathan. Of course we liked the pictures but it is also good to know you are thinking about what you see and hear.

  7. Donna Loewen says:

    Nathan, it is awesome to read what you have written about your experiences and your understanding of the people, places and history in the areas you have spent the past many months. You write well, and with the maturity and insight of a much older student! I am so proud of you. My favorite pictures are of you in the teaching role — standing before a group of people leaning on every word you speak, participating in school activities, and reading aloud to students. I also like pictures of you with your dad or other family members – mom, Elise, Rosie and Isaac. Say hello to everyone!
    Donna Loewen

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